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   Gentile, Horoho & Avalli, PC

   Attorney Robert Garber

   UPMC Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Health Center

   Steidl & Steinberg

   Voelker & Colton

   Pitell Granite

*    Spriggs-Watson Funeral Home

*    Evolve Wellness Spa

*    The Big Easy Animal Hospital

*    Amshel's Home Pet Sitting Service, LLC

*    Prevention Point Pittsburgh (PPP)

   Proactive Resources, Inc.

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PITTSBURGH'S FINEST 2014 PROFILE SERIES is produced by Proactive Resources for publication in the March 26, 2014 issue of City Paper. Our knowledgeable team of researchers and writers mine the wealth of current and readily available information to find the best in your field.

For more than 30 years, we have profiled some of the most influential lawyers, doctors, educational and financial institutions in the country, taking direct referrals from your colleagues, Martindale-Hubbell, the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and more. We know a winner when we see one!

If you are faced with marital separation, divorce, custody or estate planning, you want a lawyer who can help you through this critical time in your life. Serving Pittsburgh families for more than 25 years, GENTILE, HOROHO & AVALLI, PC is one of Pittsburgh’s premier law firms concentrating in family law & estate litigation. Managing Partners Gary G. Gentile, Kenneth J. Horoho, Jr, Charles J. Avalli & their associates excel in matters involving all kinds of disputes in families, from separation & divorce, custody, estate litigation, family business succession and other matters.

The firm has extensive experience handling contested & uncontested divorces, including those involving high net worth divorce, complex support and spousal support. They are also experienced in helping families manage their estates, including estate Litigation, administration of family trusts, business succession, distribution of assets & debts, estate & trust litigation and estate planning. When experience matters, Gentile, Horoho & Avalli has the skills & legal resources you need to protect your best interests in family law & estate planning.



Attorney Gary G. Gentile, Kenneth J. Horoho, Jr.
and Charles J. Avalli


310 Grant St, Pittsburgh PA






With more than 36 years of legal experience as a sole practitioner, ATTORNEY ROBERT L. GARBER has helped hundreds of people with their legal needs, whether it was casting asunder that which was made in heaven, (i.e. matrimonial & family law issues), or, with personal injury or legal malpractice litigation, civil law suits, wills, estates, real estate, business matters, non-violent crimes, or personal representations. Bob not only expertly serves his clients by answering their questions in helping them to think clearly in guiding them towards sound decisions; but, he always gives them their alternatives and the costs of those alternatives. If an issue cannot be settled amicably, Bob is always fully prepared to fight for his clients in court.

As a sole practitioner, Bob will personally represent you throughout your divorce & post-divorce matters including child support, custody & visitation, domestic violence, restraining orders & property settlements, or in whatever the legal matter may be. At his office, experience does make the difference. Bob will listen to you. Call Bob Garber for “Ethical, Personalized Service.”




355 Fifth Ave, #605, Park Bldg, Pittsburgh PA







ATTORNEYS CHARLES P. VOELKER, JULIE R. COLTON, JONATHAN C. VOELKER & PERNILLE FRANKMAR’S 48 years of combined experience in family law are indispensable to their divorce clients. They believe the first step is to protect & stabilize a family’s welfare. Whether by agreement or court order, everyone’s financial situation must be evaluated within the resources available to them. Their clients often find that most issues can have an amicable and workable resolution. However, when an agreement cannot be reached their clients are confident in their representation during litigation.

Chuck, Julie, Jay and Pernille concentrate in contested & uncontested matters, divorce, child custody, support & maintenance. Their practice also includes estate administration & planning, guardianships, powers of attorney, medical directives, wills and trusts. All four maintain a personal commitment to working for the best resolution for their clients concerning the issues of their case.



Attorneys Charles P. Voelker, Julie R. Colton,
Jonathan C. Voelker and Pernille Frankmar's

310 Grant St, #1220, Pittsburgh PA






Serving all faiths & cultures, SPRIGGS-WATSON FUNERAL HOME is prepared to handle any funeral service that your family may have with openness and understanding. Whether traditional, cremation, or specific cultural funeral practices, Spriggs-Watson will help you design a service that best meets your family’s needs. Possessing many years of experience, Owner/Director Donald Jones offers caring and compassionate service. The most effective funeral is one that will accurately reflect the life of the deceased.

Spriggs-Watson will coordinate every detail for you, giving you more time to concentrate on family and friends. Their pre-arranged, pre-financed and irrevocable trust funeral plans help to lessen the stress surrounding the death of a loved one and alleviate the financial and emotional burden placed upon the family. Regardless of your financial circumstances, Spriggs-Watson is available 24 hours-a-day, to assist you in making all of the necessary arrangements.




720 N Lang Ave, Pittsburgh PA


PROACTIVE RESOURCES DESIGN, INC. is a full-service marketing agency offering turnkey marketing & advertising strategy, PR support, graphic design, corporate identity, business development, event planning and Web planning & implementation.

PRD has helped many businesses sharpen their brand, refine their materials & present a strong consistent image. They offer affordable design services for websites, business cards, logos, stationery, brochures, print ads and eblasts. Visit their website for a complete list of services, starting rates and portfolio of client work.

Industries we serve

•  Legal

•  Medical

•  Dental

•  Healthcare

•  Mental Health Social Services

•  Education

•  Financial

•  Real Estate

•  Retail

•  Religious

•  Non-profit

National clients

•  F. Lee Bailey

•  Harvard Law School

•  ADP

•  Boston University

•  Christian Science Church

•  Cisco Systems

•  Cushman & Wakefield

•  Deloitte & Touche

•  Dun & Bradstreet

•  Embry-Little Aeronautical University



•  Habitat for Humanity

•  Jackson Lewis, LLP

•  Make A Wish Foundation

•  McGladrey, LLP

•  Rhode Island Hospital

•  Stetson University of Law

•  University of North Carolina

•  University of Pittsburgh

•  Yale University

Proactive Resources Design

Full service graphic & web design firm

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Award Winning Advertising Agency

Proactive Resources Design

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& web design firm

(800) 772-5969


Pittsburgh City Paper

Pittsburgh City Paper

650 Smithfield Street, #2200

Pittsburgh, PA 15222


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As one of the first academically based skin health centers in the nation, the UPMC COSMETIC SURGERY AND SKIN HEALTH CENTER gives patients access to state-of-the-art technology, the latest research, and a commitment to patient safety and quality outcomes.

Licensed, certified medical and aesthetic professionals focus on treatment for people of all ages, with expertise spanning both dermatologic and cosmetic surgery. Director Suzan Obagi, MD, is associate professor of Dermatology and Plastic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. She trains physicians from around the world on the latest in cosmetic and laser surgery. Her team offers a broad range of cosmetic surgery and skin care services including traditional aesthetic services, such as chemical peels and facials; non-invasive cosmetic procedures, such as BOTOX® and dermal fillers; ablative and non-ablative laser procedures; and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Obagi and her warm and caring staff look forward to developing a long-term relationship with you and your family.



Director Suzan Obagi, MD


Sewickley (724)940-SKIN

Pittsburgh (412)621-SKIN





ATTORNEYS KEN STEIDL, KENNY STEINBERG, CHRIS FRYE & LAUREN LAMB represent consumer & business debtors in various types of bankruptcy proceedings. The most common types of cases that individuals and businesses file are Chapters 7, 11 and 13. Chapter 7 is normally utilized to obtain a fresh-start for an individual debtor or to wind-up the affairs of a business debtor. Chapter 11 is generally used for business reorganization. Chapter 13 is used by individuals to save their home from foreclosure and reorganize their financial affairs. The firm also helps individuals obtain mortgage modifications through the bankruptcy process. They advise that individuals and businesses with financial problems should contact a qualified attorney to learn their options as early as possible so that they may avoid judgment liens, bank executions from creditors, and tax levies.

Your initial consultation with Steidl & Steinberg is provided free of charge! If you have the courage to ask for help, they have the experience and compassion to guide you through the complex maze of bankruptcy and its alternatives. Steidl & Steinberg is a federally designated debt relief agency helping people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.



Attorneys Ken Steidl, Kenny Steinberg, Chris Frye
and Lauren Lamb


707 Grant St, #2830, Gulf Twr, Pittsburgh PA






As nature replenishes the earth with essential elements like sunlight and rain, our bodies and souls must also be replenished. The team at EVOLVE WELLNESS SPA works closely with people to design a wellness program that is specific to the individual. It is important that each program fits the client’s lifestyle & budget, and reflects their personal attitudes toward health & beauty.

Services at Evolve are unique. They include massage therapy (relaxation, deep tissue, pregnancy, hot stone, raindrop, Reiki healing), acupuncture, skincare (facials & waxing), nailcare, psychotherapy & life coaching, yoga and Tai Chi. Spa packages, promotions & specials and top-of-the-line organic products are also available. They believe in a truly holistic approach to helping their guests create a lifestyle that promotes a deeply satisfying sense of well-being both on the inside and out. They strive to create a culture of intimate, full-person wellness that invites you to make caring for yourself a vibrant way of life.




228 S Highland Ave, Pittsburgh PA


To most pet owners, their pets are considered to be part of their family. Dr. Aileen Ruiz & staff at THE BIG EASY ANIMAL HOSPITAL understand the deep emotional bond that exists between you and your pet. They provide exceptional care in a kind & caring environment for you & your cherished fourlegged family members by providing the best in wellness & illness medicine. They continually update their training to facilitate your choices regarding the care of your pet. They offer a personally-tailored plan for your companion’s well-being.

Big Easy’s comprehensive services include urgent care, immunization & wellness care, internal medicine, pain management, dental care, dermatology, critical care, microchipping, senior care, nutritional & behavioral counseling, radiology, ultrasound and surgery. Complete long-term services such as bi-annual physicals & vaccination maintenance programs help prevent many degenerative conditions & diseases such as Lyme Disease, Leukemia, dental problems, bone diseases, plus many more. Their technical staff will offer to help with any questions, assist you with learning to better care for your furry family members, as well as perform nursing care. Walk-ins welcome. Se Habla Español.



Dr. Aileen Ruiz


5328 Butler St, Pittsburgh PA


Since 1993, the team at AMSHEL’S HOME PET SITTING SERVICE, LLC (“AHPSS”) has been providing individual care to local animals. This team of 15 workers is bonded and insured and currently serves over 400 clients. These clients are located in the Fox Chapel area, Oakmont, the East End, Downtown and the South Side areas of the City of Pittsburgh.

A member of Amshel’s Home Pet Sitting team will conduct an initial visit to get acquainted with your animals, collect a key and ask that you complete paperwork. The AHPSS team only provides individual care for one family at a time in your home or theirs. Taxi service for animals as well as yard scooping is available for clients who request these services. (Yard scoop is for Monday through Friday clients only.) By request, the team member will bring in the mail and newspapers, water plants and take out the garbage. They also will administer care to animals with special needs that require medication, shots, etc. Member of Pet Sitters International and accredited with the Better Business Bureau.




205 Ridge Rd, Pittsburgh PA


PREVENTION POINT PITTSBURGH (PPP) is a nonprofit public health organization dedicated to reducing overdose fatalities and the spread of HIV, Hepatitis, and other blood borne diseases related to injection drug use.

Prevention Point Pittsburgh provides free, legal needle exchange services, assistance to drug treatment, risk-reduction counseling and health education, HIV/Hepatitis C screening in collaboration with Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force, overdose prevention & response trainings with naloxone distribution, the lifesaving medication that reverses overdose. PPP “meets people where they’re at” and offers health empowerment services in a non-judgmental environment. They provide the tools & information to keep injection drug users alive and as healthy as possible while in the vulnerable phase of active addiction. Since 1995, PPP continues to serve as the sole provider of needle exchange services for the entire region. PPP also provides training & technical assistance to other agencies & community groups on overdose prevention and harm reduction. By practicing & advocating for harm reduction, PPP seeks to reduce the negative effects of drug use to the user and the community, and helps make Pittsburgh a healthier place for everyone.




907 West St, 5th Fl, Pittsburgh PA


When it comes to building, few materials can stand the test of time better than nature’s oldest & strongest material – natural stone. Family owned & operated since the late 1940’s, PITELL GRANITE has been providing homeowners, contractors, architects and remodelers with the highest standards in product quality, craftsmanship and customer service.

Pitell Granite offers a lifetime of experience in natural stone sales, installation & repair services and specializes in granite kitchens & bathroom countertops, granite bars as well as specialty granite projects which include custom fireplaces, tables, window seats, end tables, TV stands, any size of desks and outdoor kitchens. When you visit Pitell Granite’s showroom their salespeople will answer all of your questions and generate a comprehensive written FREE custom design & estimate that explains all of the options available to you. A Pitell Granite sales member is involved in all stages of your project, from inception to project completion.




9236 Perry Hwy, Pittsburgh PA









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