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    Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante, PC

    Mellon, Hickey & Capuano, LLC

    Attorney John W. Mills

    Acuity Eye Physicians & Surgeons, PC

    Attorney Kevin Smith

    Atria Larson Place

    Attorney Meryl Anne Spat

•     Emerge Connecticut, Inc.

    Youth Rights Media (YRM)

•     Junta For Progressive Action, Inc.

•     'R Kids Family Center


    Proactive Resources, Inc.

New Haven's Finest 2013 Makes Headlines!

New Haven's Finest 2013 profile series is produced by Proactive Resources for the May 29th issue of the New Haven Advocate. Our knowledgeable team of researchers and writers mine the wealth of current and readily available information to find the best in your field. For more than 29 years, we have profiled some of the most influential lawyers, doctors, educational and financial institutions in the country, taking direct referrals from your colleagues, Martindale-Hubbell, the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and more. We know a winner when we see one!

Are You in the Know?

With more than 50 years of combined experience, Attorneys Charles E. Tiernan, III and Richard W. Lynch at LYNCH, TRAUB, KEEFE & ERRANTE, PC are admitted to practice in every court in CT (state & federal) that has jurisdiction over DUI cases. If you have a new DUI/Boating Under The Influence charge in CT, Chuck & Rich have a wealth of experience and will guide you through the process at your initial meeting, so you will understand what to expect as your case proceeds.

Chuck & Rich have good working relationships with judges and court staff, and with prosecutors and their staff. Their goal is simple – to work towards keeping a DUI/Boating Under The Influence off your record. Other important goals include a discussion of whether working toward a reduced charge is worth pursuing prior to trial, or how important it will be to work toward keeping your driver’s license valid while your case is pending. Most DUI charges include an administrative suspension action against your license that is designed to happen right away. Chuck & Rich will answer your questions about your license and outline the steps they will take to get it back.


Meet the professionals:

Attorneys Charles E. Tiernan, III & Richard W. Lynch

Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante, PC

52 Trumbull St.

New Haven

(203) 787-0275

MELLON, HICKEY & CAPUANO, LLC is a full service law firm providing quality legal representation and creative advice to a wide range of clients. As aggressive advocates for their clients’ needs, Attorneys William F. Hickey and Mark C. Capuano serve as legal advisors and problem solvers. They seek to maximize personal service and attention, while providing comprehensive advice and determined advocacy.

Bill & Mark represent clients in a variety of matters, including personal injury, auto accidents, divorce & family law, real estate, landlord/tenant, criminal defense, DUI, business & corporate, wills & estate planning and probate. They have 75 years of combined experience and operate on the principle that good legal service begins with careful and concerned listening and continues with legal competence that stays current with developments in the law. Both are committed to providing a full-range of legal services in a timely and efficient manner. Drawing on their individual areas of concentration, as well as their effectiveness as a team, Mellon, Hickey & Capuano offers clients personalized attention in identifying and achieving their goals. For your initial consultation there is no charge.


Meet the professionals:

Attorneys William F. Hickey & Mark C. Capuano

Mellon, Hickey & Capuano, LLC

45 State St


(203) 757-9821

ATTORNEY JOHN W. MILLS, of the Mills Law Firm in New Haven, has established a unique practice as one of the few firms of Connecticut to routinely handle both plaintiffs’ cases and defense cases, at the request of insurance companies. By regularly representing clients on both sides of civil trials, the lawyers at the Mills Law Firm, LLC anticipate the tactics and strategies likely to be utilized by their opponents, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Attorney John W. Mills and Attorney Maria A. Cahill have tried more than sixty cases to verdict, and Attorney Mills is one of less than 100 lawyers in the state to attain certification as a Board Certified Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. While handling a wide variety of cases, the lawyers at the Mills Law Firm are well known for serious bike accident litigation, as well as noise disputes.


Meet the professionals:

Attorney John W. Mills

Mills Law Firm, LLC

One Whitney Ave

#201, New Haven

(866) 603-7532

As one of Greater New Haven’s leading comprehensive eye care providers, Board Certified Ophthalmologist Dr. Robert L. Block at ACUITY EYE PHYSCIANS & SURGEONS, PC is dedicated to providing you with high quality eye health care.

From routine eye exams to advanced outpatient surgical procedures, Dr. Block is equipped to provide the full-range of eye care services. These include eye examinations & treatments, contact lenses, laser surgery, outpatient cataract & implant surgery, multifocal lens implants, and facial rejuvenation including Botox®, Juvéderm® & eyelid surgery. He is also one of the few eye surgeons in CT who is LenSx® Certified to perform laser-assisted bladeless custom cataract removal. Dr. Block also performs micro invasive glaucoma surgery for faster recovery results and significant pressure control. Both of these state-of-the-art procedures are performed at the Hartford Hospital Eye Surgery Center in Newington. Dr. Block states that these two procedures are the wave of the future for the treatment of these debilitating eye diseases. If you have an eye problem, he will use his 17 years of experience to help you. He will be happy to discuss alternatives for treatment and their advantages and risks.


Meet the professionals:

Dr. Robert L. Block

Acuity Eye Physicians & Surgeons, PC


(203) 235-7946


(203) 272-1418

When you have been charged with a crime, you need an attorney who respects and believes in you. Whether you are facing criminal charges or are the victim of an unjust decision, as your lawyer ATTORNEY KEVIN SMITH will be in your corner with the strategy to win and the skill to execute it. Located in New Haven, Kevin’s law firm handles the full range of criminal offenses including DUI/OUI consequences, DUI Administrative Hearings, misdemeanors, violent felony offenses, gun charges, drug crimes, assault & battery, domestic violence, internet crimes, theft, sex crimes, statutory rape, sexual assault/rape and illegal search & seizure. As a solo practitioner, Kevin is able to provide client services that a larger firm cannot replicate. He believes you need to be more than a number when you are facing the prosecution and the court. Of note, Kevin has the distinction of securing victories for his clients at every level of the CT judicial system, from Administrative Hearings to the State Supreme Court. Call for a FREE initial consultation. Payment plans are available.


Meet the professionals:

Attorney Kevin Smith

129 Church St

#400, New Haven

(203) 980-7559

ATRIA LARSON PLACE offers a full array of independent and assisted living services with its on-site 24-hour staff, from personal care assistance to stimulating activities and fitness programs to great food! Atria Larson Place, the famous red brick landmark building across the street from Lake Whitney, offers traditional private apartments with full kitchens and private baths in which residents can live as independently as they wish, while knowing that services are available should the need arise. In a separate secure program, apartments are also available for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory impairments.

Executive Director Ron Bowen, MA states that their warm & caring environment includes attractively designed common areas including neighborhood lounges, cafés, conference rooms, solariums, pub rooms for social gatherings and meeting areas. Their approach, with strong family involvement, helps residents maintain their individuality, independence and dignity. Contact Community Sales Director Kate Feeley for further information at (203) 248-8880.


Meet the professionals:

Ron Bowen, MA

Executive Director at Atria Larson Place

1450 Whitney Ave.


(203) 248-8880

ATTORNEY MERYL ANNE SPAT focuses primarily on the area of Social Security Disability law. She has represented thousands of claimants seeking Social Security Disability benefits. Meryl has 24 years of experience handling Social Security claims.  She understands the frustration of being unfairly denied the Social Security Disability benefits to which they are entitled. If you are planning to file a claim for Social Security Disability benefits, or have been denied, make sure you are represented by someone who is experienced in this complex area of law.

Attorney Spat is quick to point out that being a disabled individual “does not mean that a claimant must vegetate in a dark room excluded from all forms of human and social activity." Smith v. Califano, 637 F.2d 968, 971 (3d Cir.1981). Disabled individuals may work part-time and lead rich, meaningful, productive lives. An award of benefits can be life changing. Attorney Spat emphasizes that without representation, the average denial rate at initial application is about 60%, and the average approval rate after hearing before at the Administrative Law Judge (2nd level) is 65 %. Attorney Spat's approval rate at this level is significantly higher. Her hearing approval rate at hearing is much higher.  She is prepared to take a claim which has been unfairly denied at a hearing to the U.S. District Court, and, if necessary, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Law Office of Attorney Spat will be there, supporting you, your rights and persevering until an award of benefits is properly paid.  Attorney Spat's  practice includes bankruptcy, Workers’ Compensation and negligence.


Meet the professionals:

Attorney Meryl Anne Spat

182 Grand St

#219, Waterbury

(203) 754-0732


It’s all about independence. EMERGE CONNECTICUT, INC. began in 2010 as Empower Enterprises, LLC - a pilot initiative launched under Empower New Haven, Inc. The program was created to provide men & women offenders entering or re-entering the workforce with applied skills training paid work opportunities along with educational and life skill supports that better position them on their journey to attain stable employment & economic independence.

Through the Community Offender Re-Entry Experience (C.O.R.E.) EMERGE Connecticut, Inc. offers a unique “Earn and Learn” program model that targets recently released adult offenders returning to the Greater New Haven region who have had multiple employment obstacles, including illiteracy & innumeracy, and limited or no work experience. Entry to the C.O.R.E. work crews is granted after a comprehensive process that includes intake, assessment, an interview, and community service. Participants are provided opportunities to apply their existing and newly acquired skill sets under the supervision of a crew chief.


Meet the professionals:

Emerge Connecticut, Inc.

830 Grand Ave

New Haven

(203) 562-0171

Journey to Independence

For more than 10 years, YOUTH RIGHTS MEDIA (YRM) has been dedicated to empowering youth to know, protect & advance their rights. YRM builds youth power and leadership by engaging young people in media production and community organizing, equipping them with tools, skills & strategies for affecting change within themselves and their communities. Committed to youth development, Executive Director Janis Astor del Valle & her caring team help students thrive.

YRM understands that all youth, regardless of where they live, their racial background or their socioeconomic status, have leadership potential. YRM believes that communities become stronger, healthier and more socially & economically just when youth are given opportunities to lead, and a seat at the proverbial table. The young people they serve have pushed them to explore the way that schools, police, community resources, the criminal justice system, violence & access to employment opportunities all significantly impact young people’s realities. Join them at 7PM June 13th at the Yale Art Gallery, 1111 Chapel Street, for the premiere of Labeled, their documentary exploring what life is like for LGBT youth. Watch for their new Website launching at the end of May 2013.


Meet the professionals:

Janis Astor del Valle

Executive Director at Youth Rights Media (YRM)

77 Willow St

New Haven

(203) 776-4034

It really does take a village. JUNTA FOR PROGRESSIVE ACTION, INC. empowers the Latino and low-income community to improve and take control of their economic and social well being, while civically engaging in the community. They promote a culture of community involvement and advocacy through their programs & initiatives. Junta offers adult education, children’s programs, economic development, family management, immigrant rights and cultural appreciation. Congratulations!!!

Junta’s caring staff recognizes that one in four adults in New Haven are illiterate and thus offers adult education and promotes literacy though their ABE, ESL & GED programs. Their immigration services assist with petitioning for family members and citizenship preparation, as well as advocating for immigrant’s rights. Junta’s Community Outreach Program helps their clients to gain access to area non-profits, businesses and state agencies for additional resources and support for issues not covered under their current programs. Join them September 19th, 2013 at the Long Wharf Theatre for their 44th Annual Gala.


Meet the professionals:

Junta For Progressive Action, Inc.

169 Grand Ave

New Haven

(203) 787-0191

Empowering the Community

Almost 1,600 children in the Greater New Haven area are temporarily or permanently removed from their homes each year. For more than 13 years, ‘R KIDS FAMILY CENTER has been committed to providing specialized, high quality services to children in out-of-home care & their families; promoting permanency, safety & stability for children through services to their biological, foster or adoptive families.

‘R Kids Family Center, a CT licensed child placing agency, offers a variety of direct services to children and their families. Families have an opportunity to visit and learn how to manage the transitions from foster care to home. Their Fatherhood Engagement program successfully engages fathers in individual/group work to improve the safety, stability, and well being for their children. Their National Zero-Three program focuses on infants/toddlers under 3, in foster care; developing early attachments & bonding; while expediting a stable & permanent home. Join ‘r kids Family Center & the community, including Federal, State & local legislators for their celebration of a “Decade of Families” Block Party, June 24th 2-5 pm on Dixwell Avenue. Meet many of the community non-profit resources, and enjoy an afternoon of free music, food & fun with Radio Disney & Clear Channel Radio broadcasting.


Meet the professionals:

'R Kids Family Center

45 Dixwell Ave

New Haven

(203) 865-5437

Permanency for Children

PROACTIVE RESOURCES DESIGN, INC. is a full-service marketing agency offering turnkey marketing & advertising strategy, PR support, graphic design, corporate identity, business development, event planning and Web planning & implementation.

PRD has helped many businesses sharpen their brand, refine their materials & present a strong consistent image. They offer affordable design services for websites, business cards, logos, stationery, brochures, print ads and eblasts. Visit their website for a complete list of services, starting rates and portfolio of client work.

Industries we serve

•  Legal

•  Medical

•  Dental

•  Healthcare

•  Mental Health Social Services

•  Education

•  Financial

•  Real Estate

•  Retail

•  Religious

•  Non-profit

National clients

•  F. Lee Bailey

•  Harvard Law School

•  ADP

•  Boston University

•  Christian Science Church

•  Cisco Systems

•  Cushman & Wakefield

•  Deloitte & Touche

•  Dun & Bradstreet

•  Embry-Little Aeronautical University



•  Habitat for Humanity

•  Jackson Lewis, LLP

•  Make A Wish Foundation

•  McGladrey & Pullen, LLP

•  Rhode Island Hospital

•  Stetson University of Law

•  University of North Carolina

•  University of Pittsburgh

•  Yale University

Proactive Resources Design

Full service graphic & web design firm

(860) 560-7775





Recognizing These Other Valued Businesses

Award Winning Advertising Agency

Proactive Resources Design

Full service graphic design

& web design firm

(860) 560-7775

New Haven Advocate

New Haven Advocate

285 Broad St.

Hartford, Connecticut 06102

(860) 548-9300


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