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   Attorney David D. Nowak

   Attorney Trevor A. Kiessling, JR.

   Attorney Kimberly T. Arn

   Attorney Sally B. Gold

   Attorney Tatarsha Harris

*    Specialized Eye Care

*    Janet Drue-Manson

*    Thomas T. Truss, PHD, PC & Associates

*    Drs. Golden & Matz, LLC

*    Pressley Ridge

*    Helping Up Mission, Inc.

   Proactive Resources, Inc.

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With years of legal experience, ATTORNEY DAVID D. NOWAK has helped numerous people with matrimonial & family law issues. He expertly serves his clients by answering their questions, helping them think clearly, and guiding them towards sound decisions. If an issue cannot be settled amicably, David is always fully prepared to fight for his clients in court. He is a Certified Mediator and a Certified Best Interest Attorney representing children in highly contested custody and divorce cases. The Court frequently appoints David as child’s counsel.

David will personally represent you throughout your divorce & post-divorce matters including child support, spousal maintenance, custody & visitation, domestic violence, restraining orders & property settlements. At his office, you get the personal attention you deserve. Your paperwork will never get lost; your calls will never be ignored. Experience does make the difference. If you think you need a lawyer, you probably do.




300 E Joppa Rd. #305 Towson, MD






The six Board Certified Allergists at DRS. GOLDEN & MATZ, LLC offer complete allergy and asthma consultations, treatment & management for adults & children. The doctors & their staff treat allergies, asthma, sinusitis and allergic skin diseases. If you are suffering from an allergic problem or unexplained reactions, they use the latest methods to evaluate and treat many possible causes including foods, pollens, animals, dust, molds and other environmental factors.

At Drs. Golden & Matz, LLC, they are committed to working closely with each of their patients to develop a treatment program customised for each patient. They believe that listening is the most important thing they can do when evaluating a patient. Therefore, they take the time to answer all of your questions and to educate you about your treatment & medications. Three locations: Owings Mills (410)363-6144, White Marsh (410)931-0404, and Bel Air (410)638-7005. Watch for their new website




Locations in Owings Mills, Bel Air & White Marsh

Owings Mills - (410)363-6144

White Marsh - (410)931-0404

Bel Air - (410)638-7005



PROACTIVE RESOURCES DESIGN, INC. is a full-service marketing agency offering turnkey marketing & advertising strategy, PR support, graphic design, corporate identity, business development, event planning and Web planning & implementation.

PRD has helped many businesses sharpen their brand, refine their materials & present a strong consistent image. They offer affordable design services for websites, business cards, logos, stationery, brochures, print ads and eblasts. Visit their website for a complete list of services, starting rates and portfolio of client work.

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National clients

•  F. Lee Bailey

•  Harvard Law School

•  ADP

•  Boston University

•  Christian Science Church

•  Cisco Systems

•  Cushman & Wakefield

•  Deloitte & Touche

•  Dun & Bradstreet

•  Embry-Little Aeronautical University



•  Habitat for Humanity

•  Jackson Lewis, LLP

•  Make A Wish Foundation

•  McGladrey, LLP

•  Rhode Island Hospital

•  Stetson University of Law

•  University of North Carolina

•  University of Pittsburgh

•  Yale University

Proactive Resources Design

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Proactive Resources Design

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ATTORNEY TREVOR A. KIESSLING, JR. understands that divorce presents many dramatic changes and concerns, but also presents various options and solutions. The ultimate goal of establishing a new, healthy life for everyone involved can be lost in the day-to-day worries. Solving problems using available resources furthers that goal and allows Trevor’s divorce clients sort out options during an extremely stressful period in their lives. Property distribution, maintenance, child support, child custody, medical and emotional support, and related family issues are examined at the various stages of a divorce case. Trevor’s overall goal is to reach as peaceful a solution as possible while still aggressively protecting his client’s rights.

Trevor does not adhere to the “one size fits all” approach. Legal services are tailored specifically to each client and their family, with personalized and effective legal services. He believes that when the family is involved, no issue should stand alone.




8200 Fort Smallwood Rd, Pasadena






ATTORNEY KIMBERLY T. ARN explains that collaborative law is changing the way divorce is experienced in this country. She has more than 10 years of experience in litigation and divorce. She has seen first hand how the adversarial nature of litigation, where the parties choose sides and a Judge rules, can destroy a family.

Kimberly states that collaborative divorce is an out-of-court settlement process that offers a unique team approach, involving attorneys, mental health professionals and financial planners to help families navigate their way through the difficult process of divorce and end-up with solutions that the parties themselves have created, rather than a judge deciding their fate. The parties agree up-front to full disclosure, confidentiality within the team, and an understanding that no one will file any motions in court unilaterally. Working together with a team of professionals, divorcing couples can find peace and balance, learn to communicate better, and have a post divorce relationship that allows them to co-parent more effectively. As a divorce litigator, Kimberly is also available to litigate on her client’s behalf when necessary.




10015 Old Columbia Rd. #B-215, Columbia MD







With 38 years of legal experience, ATTORNEY SALLY B. GOLD understands the broad scope of divorce and family issues, and is well prepared to assist those individuals needing her services. Sally and her team – Associate Attorney Carrie L. Polley and Paralegals Lisa Earl-Williams & Jenee Aigner address divorce-related problems in a sensitive and creative manner, providing accessible, effective and affordable legal representation.

Initially, Sally & Carrie make an effort to stabilize their client’s emotional and financial situation. This typically requires obtaining temporary court orders concerning child custody, support and the allocation of debt responsibility. Often times, a separation agreement can be negotiated. They realizes that it is often in the children’s best interest to settle the divorce, rather than have the parties continually battle in court. However, they balance that need with the overriding commitment to what their client believes to be a fair and equitable dissolution of their marriage. Sally also provides divorce mediation in addition to litigation.




201 N Charles St. #1630, Baltimore MD







ATTORNEY TATARSHA HARRIS concentrates her practice in the intricacies of domestic & family law and civil litigation. Her areas of concentration include divorce, custody, visitation, child support issues, maintenance/support, equitable asset distribution, personal injury, medical malpractice, auto accidents, contract disputes and construction litigation. Tatarsha was nominated as a Clifford Fellow while in law school and completed a judicial clerkship immediately after law school.

As part of Tatarsha’s approach, she works closely with each client in investigating, analyzing, strategizing and advocating their interests. Her legal fee is intentionally straightforward and reasonable to the wide spectrum of clients she serves. With 13 years of experience, she believes she presents a sensitive, caring, comprehensive and tough approach to her practice of law. She emphasizes that one of the hardest parts of divorce litigation is knowing when to fight and when to settle. With years of experience, her keen ability to exercise good judgment makes a real difference.




711 Saint Paul St. Baltimore MD







Brett Levinson, MD, is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist at SPECIALIZED EYE CARE, in the Village of Cross Keys, Baltimore, with advanced training in conditions of the cornea. Dr. Levinson specializes in treatment of challenging dry eye – every day he helps people who have suffered for years with itchy, burning red eyes. Dr. Levinson often treats people who have been unsuccessful with standard dry eye therapy – he has the ability to use advanced techniques for dry eyes, including meibomian gland probing and Blephex, (the opening of blocked oil glands in the eye lids), autologous serum (creating custom eye drops from your own blood), and the use of vaulted contact lenses for dry eye relief. Dr. Levinson can also recommend improved nutrition and contact lens cleaning regimens to improve ocular comfort.

Dr. Levinson is also expert on the treatment of keratoconus, including the fitting of hybrid contact lenses and surgical treatments including collagen cross linking. Dr. Levinson is also available for eye emergencies and new patients can be seen the same day.




One Village Square #190, Baltimore MD


Whether you are in crisis or simply want more growth & fulfilment from your life, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor JANET DRUE-MANSON has more than 25 years of experience in providing therapy services. Janet’s role is to help clients determine which patterns permit the unwanted symptoms to continue and assist them in finding solutions.

Janet incorporates Energy Therapy as a complement to her other approaches for self-care & self-help. Energy Therapy addresses physical illness & emotional problems. You heal the body by activating its natural healing energies; you also heal the body by restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed or out of balance. Janet also works with couples to help unblock communication between them. Her approach helps clients develop solutions to deal with their problems in a compassionate, confidential & supportive environment. Watch for her new Website coming soon




Lutherville MD


Whatever you are facing that is part of life’s problems, the inevitable experience of aging, as well as a major psychological impairment, the therapists at the practice of THOMAS T. TRUSS, PHD, PC & ASSOCIATES can assist in furthering your psychological growth.

President Thomas Truss & his skilled associates treat a broad range of people in distress. Services include psychotherapy, psychological evaluations, forensic assessment; psycho-educational assessment; psychiatric referrals or consultation. Dr. Truss’ post-doctoral training in Psychoanalytic Psychology has an enhanced “Life Span” perspective consistent with the theory of Developmental Psychology. His Associates are well trained in the assessment & treatment of a variety of issues, and their goal is to help clients work towards fulfilling personal and/or professional needs. Their Anchor Line Treatment Center provides intensive outpatient therapy that specializes in the treatment of behavioral & addictive symptoms in clients who suffer from impulse control disorders, such as gambling & shopping compulsions, related disorders of drug & alcohol dependence, internet & gaming addiction, body-image disorders, eating disorders and hoarding. They also treat patients with dual-diagnoses & dual addictions. They see all ages for psychotherapy.




701 Cathedral St. #L-1 & 3, Baltimore MD


In 1988, PRESSLEY RIDGE opened a Treatment Foster Care (TFC) office in Maryland, becoming one of the state’s first. The children served are infants to 21 years of age with behavioral & emotional issues although the need is greatest amongst teens and pre-teens. When it becomes necessary for children to be placed outside of the home, Pressley Ridge’s TFC program is there to help. Pressley Ridge also offers Community-based Support, which includes psychiatric consultations and outpatient therapy on-site accepting Medical Assistance and some private insurance.

Pressley Ridge seeks foster parents who will make a commitment and a difference in the lives of their youth. If you have the dedication, they will provide the competency-based skills you will need. After completing a screening process, Treatment Foster Parents are provided with a full range of supportive services and training including: 36 hours of pre-service training, individualized in-home training, group in-services, 24-hour crisis intervention and respite services. Will you make the commitment?




805 E Fayette St. Baltimore MD


It really is up to us. HELPING UP MISSION, INC. offers hope to the poor & homeless. Established in 1885, they provide programs designed to meet their individual physical, psychological, social & spiritual needs. Helping Up Mission is an overnight shelter, but also a destination for long-term recovery. Seven different programs are offered to meet the needs of 500+ men each day who are now ready to change their lives.

Helping Up Mission’s programs include: Overnight Guest Services (food, clothes, shelter, spiritual support) for 50+ homeless men each night of the year; Spiritual Recovery Programs for men struggling with drug & alcohol addiction, including medical, educational & vocational services; and Graduate Transitional Housing for Spiritual Recovery Program graduates who work in the community but reside at the Mission until they are able to move into permanent housing. The Mission strives to transform the lives of broken men, help restore families and build a better Baltimore. Counseling & therapy services, and healthcare & wellness programs are also available. Volunteers & donations are always welcome.




1029 E Baltimore St. Baltimore MD







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