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With 32 years of legal experience to draw upon, ATTORNEY MICHAEL J. McNAMARA counsels entrepreneurs, corporations, closely held companies & partnerships in the wide array of areas with which businesses & business professionals deal. These include representation in commercial transactions (loans, financing), real estate transactions, business start-ups, choice of business entity type (corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies) and intellectual property. Believing that avoiding problems & litigation is crucial to a successful business, Mike’s background in collaborative law provides an additional perspective by working with his clients to carefully & thoroughly consider options, possible outcomes & possible alternatives before particular choices are made.

Mike has earned many distinctions, including an “AV” rating by Martindale-Hubbell and a “Highest Possible Rating” by the Bar Register of Pre-Eminent Lawyers.





Michael J. McNamara, Esq.

700 Wells Fargo Financial Plaza,

7900 Xerxes Ave. S.,

Minneapolis, MN 55431


ATTORNEY LOUISE E. LIVESAY is a St. Paul attorney & mediator whose practice is dedicated to restoring sanity to the divorce process through mediation and the collaborative divorce process. After 13 years of legal practice, she knows that court battles can be emotionally & financially devastating. As a past Co-President of the Collaborative Law Institute of MN, she also knows there are effective alternatives that allow for healthier transitions for separating couples (including gay & lesbian couples) and their children while providing the couple with more control over the outcome.

Both mediation and the collaborative divorce process focus on solutions rather than problems and are based on a shared commitment to minimize emotional & financial damage, respect the needs of each individual and create a foundation for effective co-parenting. The collaborative divorce process offers a dual benefit: each attorney and a team of mental health professionals & financial neutrals provide independent counsel to the clients and also participate in mediation at the 4-way meetings.


Livesay Law Office, LLC

1599 Selby Ave., #104,

St. Paul, MN 55104


ATTORNEY LESLIE L. KIMES practices collaborative law, which is a no-court, non-adversarial option that grew out of dissatisfaction with the negative emotional side effects of litigation in family law cases. In collaborative law, both spouses and both attorneys commit contractually to staying out of court, to sharing financial and other information freely, and to working cooperatively and creatively to reach resolution.

With more than 26 years of experience, Leslie is quick to point out that through the collaborative process, she seeks to ease a family’s transition and helps to establish new communication patterns so that former spouses can be good co-parents. Collaborative Law can be an effective dispute resolution method not only for divorcing or separating couples, but also for people dealing with parenting plans, child support disputes or negotiating pre-nuptial or domestic partnership agreements.


Leslie L. Kimes, Attorney at Law

7714 Brooklyn Blvd., #102,

Brooklyn Park, MN 55443


Whether your goal is a healthier pathway to a restructured family (divorce), the restoration of a relationship, or the resolution of a conflict in business, church or community – mediation offers a better process for communication, understanding & decision-making.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Dorman at DORMAN MEDIATION, LLC has always sought to help people find the healthiest way forward from wherever they are in life. In both of his former careers, as a public school teacher and as a Lutheran Pastor, he has helped people discern their values, look at multiple options and choose the best course for their future. Jeff’s passion for mediation stems from a deep concern for the well-being of individuals, families & communities. Utilize his education, expertise and 30 years of experience to resolve your concerns. A FREE one-hour consultation is your opportunity to discuss your unique situation and determine whether mediation is the right option for you.








Dorman Mediation, LLC

4501 Allendale Dr., #2B,

White Bear Township, MN 55127


ATTORNEYS MICHAEL A. BRYANT & JOE CRUMLEY at BRADSHAW & BRYANT, PLLC have built a solid base of experience, resources & success practicing the complexities of personal injury law. Insurance companies have teams of defense lawyers to help them minimize your compensation. You need an experienced & effective advocate on your side after being injured in an accident, dedicated solely to protecting your rights & interests.

The firm’s services encompass auto & truck accidents, premises liability cases, animal attacks, wrongful death cases, spinal cord injuries, defective products, swimming & boating accidents, construction accidents and other personal injury matters. The practice also entails litigation of claims against unsafe & defective products, manufacturers & distributors. Home & hospital visits can be arranged. The firm’s other practice areas include criminal & felony defense. The staff at Bradshaw & Bryant want to remind you not to text and drive.






Bradshaw & Bryant, PLLC

1505 Division St., Waite Park, MN 56387

5500 Wayzata Blvd., Golden Valley, MN 55416


ATTORNEY BRUCE D. PECK is a founding member of the Collaborative Law Institute, incorporated in 1990. He believes the time has come in our society to start thinking differently about divorce. As a collaborative divorce attorney & mediator with 37 years of experience, he can help you chart a better way for your family’s future through the collaborative divorce process.

Bruce is quick to point out that in this transparent process, the parties & their attorneys agree to resolve all issues in an atmosphere of cooperation, honesty & integrity, with full & open exchange of information. The goal is to maximize the quality of agreements made by the parties, and to minimize the negative emotional & economic consequences of divorce. The process also calls upon other professionals, including mental health professionals & financial planners, as needed. In a series of group meetings, the parties get the best professional assistance with their divorce. Bruce also uses the collaborative process for prenuptial agreements, parenting plans, child support disputes, paternity matters and domestic partnership agreements.





Attorney Bruce D. Peck

3300 Edinborough Way, #550,

Edina, MN 55435


Change management and organization development consulting has been one of (method) 44’s primary services to corporate leaders. Founder DR. GREG ALCH has been in practice for more than 25 years working primarily within the healthcare industry. Dr. Alch uses a comprehensive, time-tested approach to organizational change that simultaneously accelerates personal & professional growth in your people, teams/groups, and your business.

Dr. Alch’s method and change-facilitation projects have successfully demonstrated that it is possible to help organizations drive positive change through customized “inside out” interventions that identify your business priorities; identify process & behavioral areas for change management; develop your teams/groups in skills for better collaboration & teamwork; conduct executive coaching with individuals to adopt high performance attitudes, emotions & behaviors; and sustain measurable changes (business & behavioral) over a period of time. Across the nation, organizations are turning to Dr. Alch to help make them and their employees function at their best.






(method) 44

4005 West 65th, #117,

Edina, MN 55435


LINDA RICHARDSON-BEAIRD, MA, RN, CNS views herself as a collaborative therapist who assists adults & couples through challenging times. Her approach is practical, goal-oriented & eclectic, drawing upon more than 39 years of experience providing services in the Twin Cities and surrounding area as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in adult psychiatry & mental health nursing —ten years of which served at the Mayo Clinic.

Linda’s therapy practice is a general one, although there are some problem areas that she sees frequently: anxiety, co-dependency, depression, eating disorders, family-of-origin issues, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, self-esteem and sexual abuse & trauma. She also addresses concerns that may run the full gamut of relationship issues, as well as grief & loss, coping with a medical illness and/or life transitions. Linda possesses years of Yoga training & experience and educates clients about making a mind/body connection. She believes therapy is an adventure in change not a threatening experience.








Linda Richardson-Beaird, MA, RN, CNS

4601 Excelsior Blvd., #501B,

St. Louis Park, MN 55416


Many children and adults continue to struggle with learning in the classroom and the workplace. Recent medical research has demonstrated that often people with reading disabilities have deficits in the transmission of information to the brain through a defective visual pathway. Unresolved visual deficits can impair the ability to respond fully to educational instruction even if the individual has been told that their vision is good because they can read 20/20 on the eye chart.  Lori Mowbray, OD, FCOVD, FAAO of MINNESOTA VISION THERAPY CENTER specializes in learning-related visual problems for children & adults. Her approach consists of a specialized optometric evaluation that assesses visual efficiency (accommodation, eye teaming & movement) and information processing (identification, discrimination & spatial awareness). If your child has trouble reading, spelling, handwriting, headaches, blurriness, fatigue or frustration with schoolwork, Dr. Mowbray may be able to help.

Dr. Mowbray creates an individualized management plan that includes treatment, guidance & referral if required. Management may require optical correction, vision therapy or a combination of both. Vision therapy, the science of developing & enhancing visual abilities & remediating vision dysfunctions, has been adopted by the American Optometric Association, American Academy of Optometry & other vision-related organizations. It can also improve function for individuals with acquired brain injury and help athletes improve their game. She feels that helping children & adults with learning-related vision problems has been the most gratifying part of his practice. Minnesota Vision Therapy Center now offers a vision therapy at-home program from the website


Minnesota Vision Therapy Center

7801 East Bush Lake Road, Suite 210,

Bloomington, MN 55439


Dr. Eric Ruhland & his caring staff at ST. PAUL PET HOSPITAL understand the deep emotional bond that exists between you & your pet. As a small, locally owned veterinary clinic located in the historic Cathedral Hill district, they provide exceptional care in a kind & caring environment. Their comprehensive services include immunization & wellness care, internal medicine, dental care, critical care, nutritional counselling, senior/hospice care, dermatology, pain management & advanced surgical techniques and acupuncture.

St. Paul Pet Hospital has introduced a revolutionary way of paying for preventative healthcare services for your pets. They call them Wellness Plans, but their clients call them genius. They have packaged together all of the services your pets will need for the year and bundled them into one plan. Then, they discount the entire package and bill you one small monthly amount. They also provide a pet pick-up & delivery van, sedation grooming services, health certificates for traveling, house calls, in-home euthanasia, digital x-rays & advanced bloodwork.


St. Paul Pet Hospital, LLC

377 Dayton Ave.,

St. Paul, MN 55102


If you’ve never had a comfortable, anxiety-free visit to the dentist, Brad S. Isaacson, DDS, and his friendly, dedicated & energetic team at TANGLETOWN DENTAL invite you to a new dental experience. Their warm, communicative approach is ideal for the dental wary and involves explanations & discussions prior to any procedure. They offer the most advanced approaches to “worry free” dentistry.

With more than 36 years of experience, Dr. Isaacson provides diagnosis & treatment of a full-range of dental needs. His services include digital x-rays, check-ups, cleanings, pediatric dentistry, white fillings, cosmetic dentistry (bonding, whitening & porcelain laminates), oral cancer screening, periodontics (gums), prosthodontics (crowns & bridges), extractions, dentures & partials, non-surgical TMJ proceedures and implant restorations. State-of-the-art sterilization techniques are always utilized and exceed State, OSHA & CDC regulations. They are currently ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS and most insurance plans are accepted.



Tangletown Dental

4831 Nicollet Ave.,

Minneapolis, MN 55419


Caring for pets is the full time job & passion of Drs. David Howe, Aimee Sutherland, Mike Newfield & Mellissa Haase at Birch Lake Animal Hospital, PA. This full service clinic meets your pets’ medical, dental & surgical needs and strives to exceed your expectations in pet care. Their caring staff of certified veterinary technicians is dedicated to your pet’s life long health & happiness.

Birch Lake Animal Hospital recommends regular wellness exams and vaccinations as well as heartworm testing and prevention. The doctors are adept at diagnosing and treating a variety of challenging cases utilizing in-house lab, radiology and a network of board certified specialists when necessary. They treat their patients with individual care and compassion. Birch Lake Animal Hospital is proud of its gentle, experienced groomer, Renee. When the need arises for boarding, entrust you loyal family member to their capable hands and be assured your pet will be safe and happy. A full line of therapeutic diets and pet supplies are available. TALENTED-CARING-COMPASSIONATE.


Birch Lake Animal Hospital

4830 White Bear Pkwy.,

White Bear Lake, MN 55110


PROACTIVE RESOURCES DESIGN, INC. is a full-service marketing agency offering turnkey marketing & advertising strategy, PR support, graphic design, corporate identity, business development, event planning and Web planning & implementation.

PRD has helped many businesses sharpen their brand, refine their materials & present a strong consistent image. They offer affordable design services for websites, business cards, logos, stationery, brochures, print ads and eblasts. Visit their website for a complete list of services, starting rates and portfolio of client work.

Proactive Resources Design

10 Moulton Street

Portland, ME 04101


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Birds & other pets are well taken care of at ST. FRANCIS ANIMAL & BIRD HOSPITAL. Drs. Jennifer Blair, Stefan Knep, Kevin Roeser & Patricia Novak, plus their caring staff, are dedicated to excellence in avian & companion animal healthcare, husbandry & medical needs. Their practice is staffed, designed & equipped for every pet care need, from a wellness exam to a life-saving surgery. They have a special interest in the health of pets with feathers or fur and regularly enhance their skills with continuing education & training. Their practice is filled with TLC, so pets & pet owners continually return.

Since 1992, St. Francis Animal & Bird Hospital has offered complete veterinary services for your dog, cat, bird or other small animal, including wellness exams, hospitalization, surgery, dentistry, radiology, ultrasound, vaccinations, chiropractic care, microchipping, laboratory services and an in-house pharmacy. The hospital’s facilities are designed with the comfort & well-being of pets in mind. Their caring staff will take excellent care of both you & your pet. On October 1st, please join them in welcoming Dr. Katie Cartledge to the practice.


St. Francis Animal & Bird Hospital

1227 Larpenteur Ave. W.,

Roseville, MN 55113